Astia is transforming the way businesses are funded in the here and now, providing capital, connections, and guidance that fuel the growth of highly innovative, women-led ventures around the globe. Read our white paper to learn more.

Astia was founded in Silicon Valley in 1999 as a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and promoting best-in-class women high-growth entrepreneurs.

Today we operate globally with nodes in San Francisco, New York, and London. Over these 15 years, as we have chosen the companies and entrepreneurs to support, we have concurrently built a powerful network of men and women around the world who embrace our vision of inclusive female-male top teams as an investment strategy. Today, Astia’s highly curated expert network includes serial entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate leaders, bankers, accountants, lawyers and others well versed in the unique challenges of high-growth entrepreneurship. These highly dedicated individuals serve as Astia company reviewers, evaluators and advisors donating thousands of professional hours annually. On-the-ground referrals of Astia-ready companies are generated and Astia-accepted companies are given entrée to an extended world-class ecosystem.

1924646630WPE_3200Astia is innovating new ground with our multi-stage investment program to champion high potential ventures as they develop over time. The Astia Capital Runway, as we call it, identifies investment-ready companies with women in positions of leadership and provides them access to capital and resources. With our personalized referral system, our proprietary Astia Expert Sift (TM) screening process, at Global Venture Lunches and before our angel investment group, Astia Angels, women high-growth entrepreneurs and their teams work their way to and through a first or later stage investment, receiving valuable feedback from expert advisors along the way. Our coordinated process allows the legally structured non-profit Astia umbrella to synergize its mission, its impressive global network and its investment platform into a series of mechanisms that carry the high-growth woman entrepreneur, her team and her firm from idea generation to growth and exit.



“Astia plays a critical role in contributing to the number of quality women-led venture investment opportunities for VCs. It represents a high potential, underinvested opportunity.”

– Priya Mathur, Board Member CalPERS