Astia’s model is designed to change the way our ecosystem looks at and evaluates high potential organizations, increasing the recognition of, and investment into women entrepreneurs and their teams.

Astia identifies high potential companies through our personalized referral system, moves them through our multi-step Expert Sift towards possible investor presentation, links them to advisors and resources as needed and shares them with our Astia Angels network.

Through the synergies of Astia, Astia Angels and the Astia Fund, select companies poised for high-growth delivery are provided capital runway via initial and follow-on venture investment.

Astia Holistic Model

Astia Access: Programs including the Venture Lunch Series that ensure success by increasing investment opportunity and providing access to expertise & networks. Thought leadership around inclusive innovation.  Learn more
Founded in 2013, Astia Angels is comprised of a global network of women and men investors who consider investments in the Astia-qualified companies that are progressing through Astia Expert Sift™, receiving full visibility into a pipeline of high quality deals from the earliest stages. Learn more
The Astia Fund will invest in exceptional, inclusive team ventures that have proven themselves throughout the Astia system review process. Learn more


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