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In 2013, Astia made the decision to not only advocate investors to invest in women-led high growth companies, but to take matters into our own hands. We created Astia Angels network which invests in companies curated by Astia through Astia Expert Sift™ system.


Barely 3 years old, Astia Angels with its growing portfolio is moving the needle to improve the innovation landscape. Astia Angels Success by Numbers:

  • Astia Angels membership: 52 members
  • Investments since 2013: 40 companies
  • Direct investments made: > $12.5 M
  • Syndicated investments: > $124 M

And our stakeholders are happy, including our entrepreneurs:

“The Astia Angels Portfolio Gathering is not simply an opportunity for companies to meet investors, but moreover, a rare chance for entrepreneurs and investors to intimately share their ideas, best practices and latest market trends. Coming together in person is a joy; the event is extremely well organized, and provided a perfect balance of programming and networking. The Astia Angels Portfolio Gathering truly accelerates business activity in a meaningful way for us.” ~Doreen Bloch, CEO & Founder of Poshly

Our volunteer advisors:

The energy inside the room was exceptional, and the insights shared by leadership and speakers were extremely relevant to today’s environment. It is hard to strike a balance between providing actionable advice and creating opportunities for thought-provoking and inspiring discussions, and this event nailed it for me.”  ~Marta Gaia Zanchi, Astia C-Suite

Our Astia Angels members:

The Astia community is intellectually impressive and personally dynamic and diverse which is necessary to address the mission. I’m proud to be part of the group.”  ~Maya Tussing, Astia Angels Member

We have been interviewed by the National Public Radio (Tech Nation) and celebrated by the White House in accelerating entrepreneurship.

Your contribution is needed to ensure Astia’s 2017 is brighter than ever. With new leadership position identified for Astia’s Entrepreneurial programs under Astia Access, and Astia Angels under Astia Investments, and our many speaking engagements and making national news under Astia Think, we are ready to tackle the intractable social challenge that affects our broader innovation community.


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