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Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Astia Angels program, structure, and parameters for participation.

What is Astia Angels’ investment thesis and what is the investment objective?

Investment Thesis A large body of research continues to demonstrate that teams that include women out-perform for their investors, as compared to their male-only counterparts.
Investment Objective To invest in a large, under-invested segment that is out-performing in the market. Today, women-led companies receive less than 5% of venture capital and less than 15% of angel investment. For minority women, these numbers are even substantially lower.

How is an angel investor network different than a fund?

An angel investor network enables accredited investors to make independent investment decisions, without the need for full group consensus. Angel investors decide which companies they would like to invest in and the amount they would like to invest. An angel investor network does not require angel investors to make an upfront committed investment. Angel investors are highly involved with the investment process, including screening, due diligence, legal negotiations and monitoring investments.

How is Astia Angels different than other angel investor networks?

Supported by Astia’s global community of experts, Astia Angels’ deal flow spans geographies and our members are comfortable investing outside their backyards. The larger Astia community includes 5,000 experts, including venture capitalists, C-suite executives and industry experts who refer companies to Astia and assess companies for investment-readiness. Astia Angels leverages the community throughout the investment process, including screening, due diligence and post-investment activities.

What is the process of the Astia Angels investor network?

Astia Angels consider deals that have been vetted by the Astia Expert Sift™ a screening process that leverages the expertise within Astia’s global advisor network. Astia Angels have access to feedback provided through the Astia Expert Sift™ and invite companies that have already been vetted by the process to present to them in-person or virtually.  If, after a presentation there is sufficient interest from the members, deals move in to due diligence which is performed by members as well as experts within the Astia community who are called upon when appropriate. If members decide to invest, Astia Executive Team manages the investment process. Companies who receive investment become a part of the Astia Angels Portfolio and the Astia works to support their success through to exit.

What is Astia’s deal flow process?

Astia’ proprietary screening process involves three stages of screenings. The first screen is to ensure the company meets Astia’s qualifying criteria. The second screen is an assessment of the company by industry experts and review of their feedback. The third screen is a virtual presentation for an audience of venture-backed serial entrepreneurs and C-level executives and review of their feedback. Companies that pass the three stages of screening are then considered by the Astia Angels. The screening process can be accomplished in a very short turn around time when the timing of a deal necessitates it.

What are the investment criteria for Astia Angels investments?

Astia Angels invests in high-growth sectors, including technology, life sciences, clean technology, and consumer. Companies must have a significant market opportunity, exceptional team and business strategy, traction, and defendable competitive advantage. All companies are required to have at least one woman in a leadership role, in a position of equity and significant influence. Astia Angels is stage agnostic but typically participates in Seed and Series A investment rounds.

Does Astia Angels only consider investing in Astia companies?

Astia Angels membership has determined that all companies presented to them must have gone through Astia’s Expert Sift™. 

What are the membership requirements?

New members should be recommended by a current Angel, Astia Staff Member, Board Member or Advisory Board Member. If you don’t yet know a current angel, staff member, board member or advisory board member, reach out to us for a conversation! Each member must qualify as an accredited investor as defined under Rule 501 of the SEC regulations (found here) or per the definition contained in Section 86(7) of the Financial Services and Markets Act (“FSMA”). Membership is at the discretion of the Membership Committee, made up of at least one Market Lead and Astia Staff Member.

What are the investment requirements for participating in Astia Angels?

Astia Angels does not have minimum investment requirements.  Most entrepreneurs set a minimum investment amount per investor. This number is typically no less than $25,000. However, Astia Angels invests through LLCs vehicles so that the entrepreneur has one investor on its capitalization table instead of multiple investors. This enables Astia Angels members to select the investment amount they are most comfortable with, with $5,000 being the minimum. Astia Angels’ individual investments range from $5,000 a deal to greater than $100K per deal.

How much does it cost to join Astia Angels?

The annual membership fee to join Astia Angels is $5,000 / £3,300  per individual or $7,500 / £5,000 per couple.

Are there any other fees associated with events, deals or other expenses?

Astia Angels does not charge fees for events. In most deal situations, the only fees will be the costs to cover investing through an LLC. An upfront charge is assessed towards LLC formation and preliminary annual accounting costs related to processing K-1s. In some cases, the legal and closing fees will be requested to be covered by the entrepreneur from the proceeds of the offering. In addition, Astia, the 501(c)3 not-for-profit, receives a 2% carry in any Astia Angels deal that closes. This participation compensates the non-profit for the work it continues to do to support investee companies post investment.

Where do I need to be located to participate in Astia Angels?

Anywhere! Astia Angels holds physical meetings in the Bay Area, New York and London but much of our activity is virtual. All members are invited to attend meetings in person when they are visiting or located in any of the three primary Astia Angels markets. Members also have ample opportunity to join virtual screenings and participate on a weekly deal video call.

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