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The quality of companies at Astia is the highest I have seen, having presented at many forums. Astia forums should be a 'can't miss' for investors.


- Pam Marrone, Founder & CEO, Marrone Organic Innovations

Our Current Clients

Throughout the year Astia welcomes new, qualifying companies into our community. We offer customized services to meet each start-up's unique and immediate opportunities.


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Past Clients


Current Astia Clients

18 Rabbits
Alison Bailey Vercruysse, Founder & CEO
590 York Street, San Francisco CA 94110
We bring food back to its roots - by providing simple, authentic, organic foods - that satisfy even a junk food eater's cravings for good taste.
Adiri, Inc.
Jennifer Morrill, CEO
Adiri Inc.'s vision is to be the "Apple" of the baby care category -- redefining both fashion and function to deliver superior products.
Roli Khattri, CEO
AgilityBio is a US based CRO providing FDA quality oncology clinical trials, faster and at a lower cost by leveraging relationships with the top oncology centers in India with capabilities to incorporate biomarkers for more efficient trials.
Arbor Vita Corporation
Linda McAllister, VP of Diagnostics
AVC has exploited PDZ interactions, fundamental to cell biology, for the systematic development of unique, high value drugs & diagnostics.
Arcxis Biotechnologies
Chris Meda, President, CEO
Arcxis Biotechnologies is tranforming molecular diagnostics through disruptive technologies in sample preparation, assay development and a hands-off integrated system - The BioPhalanx (tm)
Avaxia Biologics
Avaxia Biologics is developing oral antibody products for mucositis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and celiac disease. The antibodies are safe, stable to gastric digestion and have a rapid development path. Avaxia is a capital-efficient company focused on high-value products.
Ballooning Nest Eggs, Inc.
Amy Moses, President and Founder
451 West End Avenue, #2K, New York NY 10024
A highly robust online investment gift registry that upends financial gifting to kids & today’s uninspired processes for growing their wealth.
Deborah Perry Piscione
Are you ready to Betty? Betty's ready for you! We offer an intimate place for you to gather with other women and find entertainment, news, information and opinion about everything from relationships to careers to finding YOU.
BioVantage Resources
BioVantage Resources is developing a commercial algae production system initially targeting biological cleansing of wastewater lagoons.
Blissport, Inc.
Natalie Martin, President & CEO
Blissport’s patent-pending travel search tools bring the eHarmony match to online travel to enhance trip selection and enjoyment.
Ammy Vogtlander, CEO
BlueInsights is a new venture company specialised in optimising information
discovery. Our main expertise lies in online publishing and information retrieval
processes. We build on existing collaborative models and new web technologies
to develop pioneering concepts.  Our goal is to facilitate knowledge sharing in
online communities and improve the interaction between companies and their
Carat Exchange
Seema Gupta, Founder & CEO / CTO
Carat Exchange is an online marketplace for designer jewelry and hard-to-find gemstones that offers consumer access to unique jewelry, trusted vendors, and an in-depth education from a collaboration of jewelry experts.
Sunita Sayana, CEO and Founder
An internet-based career discovery and transformation service that helps people find and excel in their optimal career choice.
CCO Solutions Inc
June Ou, Founder & CEO
CCO Solutions provides portfolio management and operations technology and services to the hedge fund industry.
Neelam Vaidya, CEO
ChiroSolve helps pharmaceutical companies identify scalable drug development process for chiral drugs, through its products and services.
Closet Couture

Closet Couture is a social and fashion utility that connects people of stylish minds with those who live or work around them. CC users manage their wardrobes online, define and refine their personal style, get help if needed, upload unlimited photos, share links and videos, and create their own style cabinet made up of the best and the brightest.


Colby Pharmaceutical Company
Anne Vallerga, Executive Vice President
David Zarling PhD, CEO
1095 Colby Ave, Suite C, Menlo Park CA 94025
Colby Pharmaceutical Company develops small molecule Oxidative Stress Modulator (OSMÔ) drugs to treat prostate inflammation, hyperplasia, cancer progression and metastasis. Colby’s two lead drugs are therapeutic for recurrent Prostate Cancer (PCa) and will enter Phase l/lla clinical trials in 2008 and 2009.
Color Modules
Asmau Ahmed, Founder
256 West 121st Street, Apt 2, New York NY 10027
ColorModules INC owns a revolutionary technology to aid and promote visual shopping.  ColorModules is a highly intelligent color search and recommendation engine for consumers with a ’front-end’ color management and forecasting system for retailers.
Compass, Inc.
Kimberly Fulcher, President and CEO
Compass will aggregate the $2.4B professional coaching industry; becoming the on-line destination for women seeking advice and coaches seeking clients
Coveted List
Charlotte Kim, Founder and CEO
CovetedList offers a "DNA-level" personalization style experience that delivers individualized search and recommendations for online apparel purchases.  Like Pandora for music, our self-learning technology provides customized results that convert internet searches into sales.
Crimson Hexagon

Online consumer generated content is a potential gold mine, but to date, deriving insights is extremely time consuming (personnel or consulting-intensive) and yields variable results.  Crimson Hexagon finds, filters, and summarizes opinion from that mine with proven, patent-pending blog/text reading software.

Crystal Biosciences
Marie-Cecile Van de Lavoir, COO and Co-Founder
5980 Horton Street Suite 405, Emeryville CA 94608
Crystal Bioscience is an early stage biotechnology company with expertise in antibody discovery and avian genetics.  The company’s long term goal is to develop a therapeutics discovery and production platform that capitalizes on the use of avian systems, with the initial focus being on the development of high-value antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.
Elinor Olisa, Co-founder

Invest in the Artists of the Future. provides a platform for promising emerging artists to launch their careers and to provide the art buying public and corporates access to these artists. Since its inception, has establisted itself as the market leader in the UK student and graduate art sales. 

Moriz Vohrer, Director
eFormic is active in the field of climate protection.  It develops innovative tools for B2C relations for companies that want to go "go green".  These tools enhance the transparency of their climate actions all the way to the end consumer.
Esha Tiwary, Head of Business Development
San Francisco CA 94115
Emmet Labs
Janice Fraser, Founder, CEO is a visual Wikipedia of connections between all people across all time.
Martha Amran, CEO
Ennovationz offers information and resources to help make your home energy efficient and green.
Rana Mumtaz, Founder & CEO
FABLOGUE is a fabulous catalogue of products designed by up and coming designers. The site is designed to showcase designers with
short pithy write-ups introducing their design style and lines. Currently, FABLOGUE allows users to register them-selves and invite friends.
FairSoftware, Inc.
Eileen Long, VP Marketing
FairSoftware is an online service that implements a legally sound "virtual mini-corporation." It includes incorporation, hiring, virtual share allocation, EULAs, IP protection, decision-making and revenue distribution.
Tracy Grover, Co-Founder and COO
170 Norlyn Drive, Walunt Creek CA 94596
Fanminder is a mobile, social fanbase marketing service that automatically turns ordinary customers into raving fans for local, small businesses.
Frontier Markets
Ajaita Shah, Founder & CEO
48 W 48th St, Suite 1301, New York NY 10036
Product distribution company to bring Fortune 500 products to the microfinance community
GenGreen Life
The goal of GenGreen is to be the most comprehensive and diverse resource available for people looking to live a locally-focused, environmentally conscious lifestyle. This is accomplished through our network where we have over 40,000 listings to help you live your green life.

The GenGreen™ network is a multi-faceted platform for communication, education and connection; from green news headlines, job listings, and events, to tips helping you live a sustainable life. Want to find a recycling center near you? Where are your local farmers' markets? Looking for an alternative means to get to and from work each day? You can find the answers to these questions, and much more, at
Carol Schrader, Co-Founder, CEO
Our social fundraising platform helps nonprofits raise more funds online and broaden their network of supporters, emulating the Obama model.
Global 1 Touch
Nurit Coombe, CEO
7272 Wisconsin Ave. #300, Bethesda MD 20814
GOT is a new phone service company dedicated to providing customers affordable international calling directly from their mobile phone. With GOT, clients can purchase “unlimited” calling plans that are not tied to their home or internet, but, can be used anywhere on the globe.
Global Health Research

Erica Weirich, Director and Founder
We provide effective, sustainable technologies, including real-time outcomes assessment, to reduce the burden of disease in underserved communities.

HarQen is voice-to-web audio and powerful social media.

HarQen's web telephony and social networking platform powers easy-to-use business applications. Our goal is to optimize the voice transactions that are critical to the success of businesses of all sizes. HarQen applications can provide a powerful competitive advantage, increased revenue and significant cost savings.

Hey, Neighbor!
Barbara Pantuso, Founder & CEO
Hey, Neighbor! is a a location-based website and mobile app that connects neighbors who may not otherwise know each other and gives them tools to easily exchange favors, announcements, goods, and services. Hey, Neighbor! creates a new marketplace for neighborly sharing and makes being a good neighbor easy!
iDC is 1st to market with 4gov, a scalable SaaS Cloud Computing software suite of 23 applications for local government fund accounting including: budgeting, financial & grant-program-project accounting, payroll-HR, utilities, billing-cash collection, ePay, disaster recovery and data warehousing. We have 50 customers in 16 states and 2 nations.
Imagination Welcome
Laura Joukovski, Founder
875 Middle Ave., Menlo Park CA 94025
Imagination Welcome creates characters to help kids explore the world. Characters can be personalized as a likeness of the child using a character builder on-line. Then kids can dive into a world to learn about sea life as a scuba diving scientist, or discover fun on a farm as a farmer. Stories can be instantly personalized, and purchased as e-books or printed in soft or hard copy. Costumes, puppets and toys complete the child's experience.
Impact Investment Partners
Nadia Sood, Founder, Managing Director

Impact Investment Partners invests in businesses that provide critical services in emerging markets.

IIP recognises that these demand-led growth industries not only have a disproportionate impact on consumer welfare and quality of life, but also represent some of the most scalable and underserved emerging market investment opportunities. Just five key sectors — housing, rural water delivery, maternal health, primary education and financial services — for those earning less than $3,000 a year, was recently estimated by J. P. Morgan as representing a $400 billion to $1 trillion market opportunity over the next ten years.

IIP’s first fund, IIP India Health Fund I, will launch in Q1 2012

IvyExec is a web-based recruiting firm that combines next-generation technology with white glove executive recruiting, dealing solely with top-tier talent. By introducing an innovative, technology-driven model that connects top tier professionals with leading companies, we are revolutionizing the executive search industry.

Jimmyjane is a design-centric brand founded on the belief that life is better with a sexy twist.  We design products and experiences to provide pleasure, strengthen connection, and create provocative possibility.

Lisa Halpern, CEO & Founder
Kiboo is the new way to bank for 15-22 year olds combining FDIC insured products with innovative web and mobile technology to empower financial responsibility, reward positive behavior and build connections through their community.
LearnVest, Inc.
Alexa von Tobel, Chief Executive Officer
LearnVest will be the trusted liaison between young women and the world of personal finance, educating 18-34 year olds, beginning with the basics.
Leland Cherry Company- Michelle's Miracle
Michelle White, Founder and President
5355 N. Manitou Trail, Leland MI 49654
Michelle’s Miracle® creates, markets and distributes branded tart cherry concentrate as supplements in the U.S./Canada through direct, wholesale and private label channels targeted at consumers seeking natural and whole food based solutions for overall health and chronic conditions such as joint pain and arthritis.
Magnolia Prime
Karen Routt, President and Founder
Redwood City CA
Magnolia Prime is a hosted communications tool that helps home health care agencies improve profitability and outcomes, supports staff in managing their stress and time, and assists patients in remaining independent. We serve the home care market with a low-cost, rules-based customized voice messaging platform.
Mamayoyo Kids Resorts
Rens Plandsoen, CFO
Zevenlindenweg 5-30, Baarn 3744 BC
Mamayoyo Kids Resorts is a (pilot) beach resort on Antigua. Concept, architecture & services are fully focused on the experience of kids. This will result in having the parents enjoying the most relaxed holiday. We plan up to 15 small scaled resorts to be developed in the next 10 years. Resort development and operation are exceeding the standards of Leed and Green Key. Mamayoyo Antigua will be a breakthrough in energy & water treatment in the Caribbean.
Alyson Warhurst, CEO
Starting from a position of strength with respect to data, IP, customers, reputation and first mover advantage, Maplecroft is positioned to serve the needs of large organisations to manage risk in their global value chains. Building upon an on-line set of risk intelligence products and services, it will build a world leading data services organisation, with customers worldwide served via a global risks WEB portal.
Marbles: The Brain Store
Marbles: The Brain Store is a first-of-its-kind retail concept that focuses on products designed to stimulate and strengthen the brain. We offer over 200 products ranging from books and travel games to family board games and computer programs, and we are always on the lookout for new products.  We know it is important to try new activities that challenge different parts of your brain so we carry products for memory, critical thinking, coordination, visual perception and word skills.  Before entering the Marbles collection, our products are reviewed by our review board that consists of scientists, physicians, psychologists and other therapists. Our message to you is “outsmart your age” and our mission is to help you succeed, and have some fun while you’re at it.

Marbles: The Brain Store started in Chicago, by two entrepreneurs Lindsay Gaskins and Karen Luby. After hearing their parents express concern about Alzheimer's and dementia, the women wanted to find out what could be done to help their parents feel more in control of their brain health. They learned that mental stimulation can play a valuable role in helping the brain stay healthy and potentially delay or prevent the onset of cognitive decline. The goal was to create a place where people could find new, engaging activities to keep their brains active and also learn about the brain (read more in our Brain Fitness 101 section).
Devin Williams, CEO & Founder
1325 NW Flanders, Portland OR 97209
Unlike traditional media properties that focus on one-sided information flow. Mindermast employs a highly interactive meta-game; using elements of game play to drive content delivery, fuel social interaction and stimulate engagement. Built on the four pillars of holistic health (cognitive stimulation, social interaction, diet, and exercise) the product uses an entertainment platform to engage users in all four pillars.
Mindgate Media
Beth Garland, VP, Sales & Community Experience
One Columbus Place, Suite N33G, New York NY 10019
Mindgate Media is an educational media and technology company that makes video content accessible and discoverable online and usable in the classroom.

Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Founder & CEO
46 Perry St, Christchurch 8002 New Zealand
MiniMonos is a kids' virtual world based on sustainability, generosity, community, fun (Club Penguin meets Facebook meets An Inconvenient Truth).
mTN Global
Margaret Mackenzie, COO and CFO
795 Folsom Street, 1st Floor, San Francisco CA 94107
mTN Global is the first global mobile micropayments network to allow each of the 2 billion+ mobile
phone subscribers globally to buy mobile (and other) content from any provider in the world.
Michele Colucci, CEO
2995 Woodside Road Suite 400, Woodside CA 94062 is a social empowerment network connecting people with lawsuits to lawyers who will take their case on a contingency basis (no money down), creating competition in the process. also establishes social networks for plaintiffs and lawyers to share advice, information and connections.

NabeWise is a user-generated media company that profiles, ranks, and reviews neighborhoods so that movers and travelers can choose where to live and where to stay.  Additionally, NabeWise helps real estate agents educate their clients about neighborhoods and connects agents with new potential buyers
Native Cloud Systems
Erika Bjune, Founder/President/CEO
15 Woodland Ave., Suite A, San Rafael CA 94901
NCS is building a next-generation cloud computing stack to provide truly native cloud services with impenetrable security and 100% reliability.
Jackie Hunter, Founder & CEO
Red Sky House, Fairclough Hall, Weston, Herts SG4 7DP UK
NeuroSymptomatiX (NSX) is a spinout company from GlaxoSmithKline who are exiting Neuroscience R&D. NSX is focused initially on developing histamine H3 antagonists for the symptomatic treatment of serious neurological diseases.
Leslie Barber, Founder & CEO
Mateo CA 94402
Ology Corportation
Ology is the first blogging community 100% by and for Millennials, a coveted demographic for advertisers.  Advertisers spend $10 Billion annually to reach Millennials and are continuously frustrated by the lack of performance online due to limited engagement on social networking sites and disappointing reach on small niche sites. Ology has 700 blogs and reaches over 4.4 million unique users. 
Marie Wold, CFO
OnRelay is a privately held Unified Communications software company focused on Cellular Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC). Founded in early 2000, OnRelay is the pioneer in Mobile PBX, having launched the world’s first global private mobile branch exchange (OnRelay MBX).
Helena Kyttari Djupesland, CEO
OptiNose has developed innovative nasal drug delivery devices that enable nasal administration of CNS (nose to brain), systemic and topical nasal formulations. OptiNose’s unique breath actuated devices deliver intranasal drugs to targeted regions of the nasal cavity, including the sinuses and the olfactory region, without lung deposition, unlike traditional nasal inhalers, nasal sprays or nebulizers.
Orange Door, Inc.
Sharra Chan, CEO
Orange Door, Inc. develops evolved, modern solutions for professional accountants and their clients.
Orelle Corporation Ltd
Trisha Coombes, Co-Founder
Ralph Schneideman, Co-Founder and CEO
7 Highland Drive, Suite 704, Seattle WA 98109
A Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise Device and related Exercise Program for the relief and prevention of Urinary Stress Leakage in Women
PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics
PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics™ features mineral-based colors without FD & C or lake colors, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, or other harmful ingredients - and, no animal testing.  PeaceKeeper the first cosmetic company to give all of its after-tax profits to women's health advocacy and urgent human rights issues.
Phico Therapeutics
Dr Heather Fairhead, CEO
Phico Therapeutics is an early stage biotechnology company developing a novel platform technology to produce therapeutic anti-bacterials active against all species of bacteria.  Initial products in development are targeted at antibiotic resistant bacteria, including MRSA and Clostridium difficile.
Pocket Journey
Rosie Pongracz, CEO
Pocket Journey turns your mobile phone into a personal tour guide by connecting you to location-specific multimedia created by a worldwide community.
Denise Tayloe, CEO
Privo protects brands by providing an efficient outsourced identity service to those companies who seek to mitigate risk associated with interacting with minors online.
Natalie Wisniewski, Chief Scientific Officer
PROFUSA is revolutionizing continuous monitoring of body chemistries through highly miniaturized, long-lasting, accurate, tissue-integrating biosensors
Puppyfish Entertainment, Inc / Fortune Girls
Barbara Clarke-Ruiz, Co-Creator, Chief Creative Officer
Jefferi Lee, President & CEO
29 Madison St, Glen Ridge NJ 07028
Fortune Girls is a multicultural lifestyle brand based on the empowerment of girls and giving back to the community for tween girls ages 7-14. FG is a virtual world and media platform.
Purse Flats
Erika Wilson, CEO, Founder
623 Eagle Rock Ave 3382, West Orange NJ 07052
Purse Flats is the first product of Patient Pedro LLC.  Purse Flats are a high-end, stylish cure for women who need relief from their heels, whether they are at the office, a formal event, or heading out with friends for the night. Purse Flats is the first product of a platform of innovative fashion accessories solutions.
Sophia Chiang, Founder & CEO
Qlubb is an online service designed to help parent-led groups (scouts, classrooms, PTA/PTO, youth sports, church groups) communicate and organize.
Real Life Plus
Theresa Redfield, Founder
Facebook meets The Sims.Our mission is to create a world that is fun and immersive, yet simple to use for everyone and to be the first Virtual World that's created for users, WITH the users who are going to be interacting and playing in this world.
Camille Landau, CEO
10801 National Blvd., #600, Los Angeles CA 90064

An “eBay of referrals," ReferQuest’s online hub brokers financial rewards to those who successfully refer their contacts for jobs, rentals and purchases. ReferQuest aggregates referral rewards posted in exchange for completed transactions. Individuals use the site for needs their immediate network can’t meet (“I’ll pay $100 if you find me a French speaking nanny”). Businesses (both local and national) use the site to find new clients (“We pay $75 referral fees for new customers”), find specialized employees and resolve various operational needs ("We'll pay $200 if you find us a temp office space").

Renewable Fuel Technologies
Mary Shulenberger, Founder & Marketing Director
We turn Coal power plants into renewable electricity producers by replacing fossil coal with our carbon neutral BioCoal derived from woody biomass.
Heather Hiles, CEO
459 Hamilton Ave., Ste 301, Palo Alto CA 94301
rrripple is an online platform that allows users to chronicle their digital content on an intuitive timeline and share it selectively within private groups. The most potent application of rrripple exists in education sector where students, being the most creative content creators, can share information on a hip & cool platform that is safe and secure. rrripple partners with enterprises in education sector who serve this demography in a b2b model.
Michelle Bonat, CEO & Founder
RumbaFish brings word of mouth marketing to the web – easily, affordably, and with powerful analytics. Why just fish for customers when you can RumbaFish!
Samara Innovations
Samara is developing sports apparel for young female athletes designed to provide protection from injury (e.g., ACL tears) and to enhance performance.
Savvy Impulse
Dalia Strum
192 Lexington Ave Suite 2202, New York NY 10016
Sim Ops Studios, Inc.
Shanna Tellerman, CEO & Co-Founder
Sim Ops Studios, Inc. is developing www.Wild™ to enable anyone to create fully interactive 3D worlds that run in a web-browser.
Simbiosys Biowares, Inc.
Debashis Bhattacharya, President & CEO
Simbiosys provides high quality products and laboratory services in global phamaceutical and diagostic markets, leveraging proven offshore model.
Smart Health$ense
Pam Armstrong, President
3090 Walnut Blvd., Walnut Creek CA 94596
We achieve savings by: 1) moving the client toward increasing levels of self- insurance and 2) implementing SH$’s proprietary employee/spouse health risk management system. The employer can realistically expect to save up to 40% on premiums and keep annual cost increases close to zero.
Smart Thot
Rachel Robb Avery, Founder & President
Nancy "Fern" Bennett Phillips, CEO
140 Bartlett Road PO Box 543, York ME 03909
Smart Thot designs and markets toys that increase children’s self esteem by teaching positive thinking skills to children 3 to 8. Neuroscience research proves this is the opportune age to “hard wire” these patterns into the brain. These skills are the foundation for emotional resiliency.
Julie Wainwright, CEO & Founder

You'll find deep information for women over 30 from some of the top experts in world including: Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Fitness Experts, Relationships Experts, Psychiatrists, Elder Care Experts, Pet Experts, Fashion Experts, Neurologists, Neuro-Scientists, Dentists, Hair Stylists, Plastic Surgeons, Dietitians, Psychologists, Cosmetic Experts, Cardiologists, Yoga and Pilates Experts, Food Experts and a Weight Loss Coach. All here at your fingertips with new content added daily.

Sustainable Minds, LLC
Terry Swack, CEO, Co-founder

Sustainable Minds’ mission is to be at the forefront of bringing sustainable product design into the mainstream in an accessible, empowering and credible way.

TerViva BioEnergy
Naveen Sikka, CEO
436 14th Street, Suite 711, Oakland, CA 94612 CA 94612
TerViva has developed an ultra-low cost, environmentally-responsible feedstock for the production of biodiesel. At the heart of TerVivas technology are elite strains of Pongamia, a leafy tree that produces non-edible vegetable oil.
The College Company
Monisha Perkash, Co-founder & CEO
411 Borel Ave., Suite 430, San Mateo CA 94402
The College Company is your trusted online college advisor. We provide personalized guidance for going to and paying for college, a life event when there is massive spending across many categories. We monetize our high-value traffic through lead generation and premium services and are raising $1.5M to become the ultimate destination for college guidance in a $1.5B addressable market.
Third Solutions
Birame Sock, Founder
Aziz Valliani, Director
1000 Fifth Street, Suite 404, Miami Beach FL 3313

Third Solutions is a "Green" technology enabled services platform that delivers comprehensive customer purchase behavior data in the $2.5B targeted promotions market.The Solution is driven by the aggregation of "paperless" receipts made available to consumers online who benefit from instant high value promotions which are relevant to their personal profile

Travels in Taste
Lisa Mogensen, Chairman and Founder
330 East 75th St., Suite 37C, New York NY 10021
TravelsinTaste is the "little black book" of restaurants for discerning consumers.  TravelsinTaste provides comprehensive listings that contain much more detail than any other service available. We have objective information about acoustics, table proximity, lighting, table size, and much more. Additionally we have a variety of tools such as a restaurant comparison function and a wealth of user generated content  which we funnel through our focused platform on the aspects that matter to the discriminating consumer thus adding necessary color to our objective editorial content. We are the only guide with truly comprehensive and detailed information about premium restaurants in the Unites States.
Hilary Stockton, CEO
408 E. 92nd St. #22E, New York NY 10128
TravelSort's recommendation engine proactively guides travelers to the cities, hotels (and later, exclusive hotel deals, other travelers, and site content) based on their unique travel preferences.
Hedi Katz, Founder & CEO
TriBarter is a web-based business blending the convenience of an online auction site, a user-friendly cashless bartering vehicle, and the connecting power of a social website. Members trade goods and services without cash, and without sorting through lists to find a match. By encouraging the re-use of items in exchange for other goods and services, TriBarter contributes toward environmental preservation and helps members gain financial stability.
Usable Security Systems, Inc.
Rachna Dhamija, CEO
UsableLogin solves the password problem for websites & consumers, with the simplicity of a single word & the security of multi-factor authentication.
VeDa is the first ready-to-drink line of Ayurvedically balanced functional teas. The line is all natural, USDA organic, and naturally low calorie.
Virginia Bionutrients LLC
Susan Hardwicke, Ph.D
4200 Innslake Drive Suite 101, Glen Allen VA 23060

Virginia Bionutrients is a nutraceutical company primed to achieve global market leadership with disruptive technology and effectively branded, high profit margin products for focus and energy.  The serial entrepreneur CEO/Ph.D. develops formulas from experience in neuro-nutrition and brain fitness; ingredients are key differentiators.

Vivo Girls Sports
Marilou McFarlane, CEO & Founder
219 E. Blithedale Avenue, Suite 4, Mill Valley CA 94941
Vivo Girls Sports, Inc. (vivoGS) is a new consumer brand that is an online community and social network for teenage and college girls who share a passion for sports and a healthy, active lifestyle. vivoGS is a trusted environment and resource for 25 million girls 13-24 years old that allows girls to share, discover and connect with each other and with experts in fields of special interest to this vibrant demographic, a giant neglected vertical in the marketplace. is the premier community for getting professional women to their career goals faster.  We offer a patented technology method for grouping them with the right peers, the right content and an assessment to action program.  The fast-growing community builds new groups every day in entrepreneur, corporate and transition career stages.
Zina Speaks, Founder/CEO

Wealthsprout is a different kind of investment advisor that eliminates the need for the expensive brokers. Our services are fee-based and free from conflict of interest. That means more of your investment is available to work toward your goals.

Our investment philosophy is simple. Design custom portfolios for clients and invest them using predominatly a portfolio of low-cost, low-turnover, broadly diversified index mutual funds. We believe in letting investors keep more of the return for themselves by minimizing their costs.

Charlene Vaughn, Co-Founder/CMO
Wonderfun creates innovative digital media that helps young children develop the same thinking skills used by the Einsteins and DaVincis of the world.

YourTango is a digital media company focused on love and relationships. We create candid, relatable text and video content. Through our community of highly engaged users, we offer a rich environment to learn, affirm, share, and connect. 

No matter what lovestage our users are in—single, taken, engaged, married, starting over, or a complicated variation thereof—YourTango helps them live their best love lives.

YourTango is the property of Tango Media, a private company based in New York City

Vicki Saunders, Founder and CEO
Turns awareness into impact by adding the ability to inspire, manage and demonstrate the impact of grassroots action to any site.
Zweave, Inc.
Laura McCann, CEO
98 Greene St, New York NY 10012
Zweave’s product lifecycle management (PLM) software has been developed over a 7-year period of intense specification and solution development. Designed by apparel and defense industry veterans and built, architected and coded by cutting edge software and technology leaders, Zweave’s solutions are best-in-class.

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