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Astia has an extraordinary success rate which attests to the hidden opportunity presented by women-led companies.

- Mitchell Kertzman, Partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners

Astia Angels Network

Astia Angels, launched in early 2013, is a global network of female and male angel investors that invests in women-led, high-growth ventures that apply to Astia. The angel investor network is actively engaged in the Astia community and screening process (Astia Expert SiftTM) and founded by experienced angel investors. All members are highly involved throughout the investment process and make independent investment decisions.

Members of Astia Angels:

  • Get early exposure to community-screened, high potential companies
  • Participate in an organized process that ensures the wise and effective use of your time
  • Participate in Astia's proven, proprietary process that produces high-quality deal flow
  • Engage in post-investment programs that drive to the success of the portfolio companies
  • Network with the Global Astia Community including invitation only events and programs
  • Join a growing movement to increase the funding for women-led, high-growth companies

To discuss joining Astia Angels, please call or email us to share a conversation:

Victoria Pettibone, Vice President: Send Email

Astia Angels Investments

Peggy Cross, CEO & Founder
EcoTensil has reinvented sustainable, efficient, and convenient disposable utensils. Our award-winning, nationally distributed EcoTaster is the least expensive compostable tasting spoon available. EcoSpoons can be beautifully branded for foodservice such as fro-yo and fast food chains. They are highly space efficient for military, and are the safest option for prison usage. SpoonLidz fill a growing demand for ultra-convenient on-package utensils.

nVision Medical
Surbhi Sarna, CEO & Founder
Early-stage, venture backed medical device company dedicated to building a portfolio of novel and proprietary technologies to fill the void in female health-related innovation.

Doreen Bloch, CEO & Co-Founder
Our mission at Poshly is to build personalization technologies that connect beauty brands with beauty consumers in innovative, data-driven ways. On Poshly, members discover beauty products that are best suited for their characteristics while brands better understand the preferences and personas of consumers in real-time.

Marta Gaia Zanchi, PhD, CEO
RenovoRx is an early-stage startup based in Silicon Valley, California. We are developing innovative solutions for targeted delivery of fluids, including radiopaque material and therapeutic agents, to selected sites in the peripheral vascular system. The ability to deliver these materials at high concentration to specific visceral organs, safely and without perfusion overlap to other organs, is a central paradigm of our technology. RenovoRx has developed an innovative device enabling direct and localized delivery of radiopaque media and therapeutic agents to the pancreas.


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