astia-event-img51Astia Angels is a membership group open to male and female accredited investors who recognize the value proposition of investing in high growth, women-led businesses.

It is a member-driven group supported by the Astia organization and staff.

We welcome new members who will take an active role in the referral, screening, selection, due diligence and ultimately investment of potential companies. In-person meetings are held in New York City and Silicon Valley, with Boston and London on the horizon. Monthly phone calls and opportunities to participate on virtual screenings are available as well. Please see the FAQs for more information.

We encourage investors interested in joining Astia Angels to first learn more about Astia and our community by attending a Venture Lunch and speaking to our staff or a current angel member.

You may also reach out to us directly to share a conversation:
Victoria Pettibone, Vice President, Astia:

Attend a Venture Lunch:

Join us at our next event to
see the Astia Angels process in action.

Talk to an Angel:

Contact us today to speak to an Astia Angels
member and get a first-hand account of the program’s benefits.