ASTIA_ANGELS_ID_PrimaryAstia Angels is a membership group open to accredited investors who recognize the investment thesis of investing in high growth, women-led businesses.

Members pay an annual fee and contribute 2% carried interest to Astia. We are a member-driven group supported by the Astia organization and its dedicated, full-time, professional investment staff.

About Membership:

    • We have individual, couple, and family office memberships.
    • We welcome new members who will take an active role in the investment process and subsequent portfolio management.
    • In-person meetings are held in Silicon Valley, New York and London along with other locations as investor interest is expressed.
    • We host weekly deal calls and regular virtual screenings.
    • Our membership and deal flow is global, rather than chapter-based, and members often travel to other markets to meet each other and to attend conferences together.
    • Once a year there is an annual meeting held in San Francisco that brings together the membership and the portfolio.

To learn more:
Victoria Pettibone, Managing Director