astia-event-img37Click here to apply to Astia. Your application will be screened through the Astia Expert Sift.

Ongoing funding opportunities include access to Astia Angels, Astia Venture Showcases and direct introductions to investors along the way.

Process and Timing:

1. Criteria Screen:  Visionary companies at any stage, across all sectors with a woman in a position of leadership who holds equity and executive influence. Time frame: 1-3 weeks.

2. Industry Screen: Experts with 15+ years of related industry experience assess for proof of concept, defensible advantage, competitive strength, qualification of team, size of market opportunity, and overall likelihood of success. Time frame: 1-4 weeks.

3. Operations Screen:  Virtual presentation, including active Q&A, to executives and serial venture-backed entrepreneurs (known as the Astia C-Suite Committee). They assess for growth potential, strength of team, operations, and readiness for investment. Time frame: 1-2 weeks

4. Investor Screen: If company is identified as ready for venture capital,  it is invited to present at a Venture Showcase. Direct introductions are made to interested investors. If company is ready for Angel investment, the company is flagged for Astia Angels to consider.  Time frame: varies by company

For tips on what investors look for in a deck click here>>

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