Astia_Venture_Lunch_BerlinAstia provides ongoing opportunities for exceptional startups to access capital.

Calling all Supernovas: we’re searching for the brightest stars in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Do you have what it takes to shine?

Startups who meet Astia’s entrepreneur criteria may apply to Astia’s screening process to benefit from direct access to our global, connected community of 5,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. Entrepreneurs who pass through Astia’s Expert Sift are invited to present at a global Astia Venture Lunch. Applying companies are also able to be considered for direct investment by the Astia Angels.

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Once submitted, your company will participate in Astia’s Expert Sift process and be in consideration for:

Astia Venture Lunch: Taking place monthly and alternating between Astia’s three primary markets: Silicon Valley, New York and London, Venture Lunch is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for exceptional startups ready for venture funding who have been vetted by Astia’s Expert Sift process to present their business case to accredited investors.

Astia Angels: The Astia Angels have full visibility into Astia’s Expert Sift screening process, and at any time can invite a company to pitch directly to them. The angels consider investments in companies too early stage for venture funding as well as companies that are qualified to present at Venture Lunch.

Qualification Criteria


Astia seeks visionary entrepreneurs from around the world with game-changing startups who are ready to become market-leading businesses.

High Growth at Any Stage

Astia considers companies at any growth stage beyond concept-only, within the sectors of high tech, life sciences, clean tech, consumer tech, and high growth consumer products and services.


Woman Leader

Inclusive teams out-perform homogenous teams. We seek to source and invest in exceptional companies that have both women and men leading the enterprise. At a minimum, startups must have at least one woman in a position of influence and equity.

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If your startup meets Astia’s qualification criteria,
and you think your women-led team has what it takes to be a
stand-out supernova, then apply to Astia today!